Friday, February 12, 2010

Fit Mommy Update - Another Blah!


Fit Mommy weekly update. Truthfully, it was another week of Blah! I really am beginning to get annoyed. I continue to hit my stair climbs and I got alittle walking in [Not my usual walking but I walked the store good couple times this week] I haven't ate much this week that is good and bad. Really have a loss of apetite for most part. [Thyroid draining I suppose] I really believe I need to hit a detox again. I was going to start this week but just blahhed out!

One thing good about doing this fit mommy is I recognize more now when I need to detox and when I eat something bad that is not healthy- O my mercy My body lets me know with a huge scream. Lol. I also have more of a responsibility to work harder because in a sense sharing with you guys is me owning up to was I good or bad, Have I really put forth an effort to do this... So it keeps me on my toes which I definately need. Better luck for me next week. I am praying this daily!

Good thing is I am drinking alot more so that is a good thing, More juices and water. I dont buy the premixed juice, I buy the 100% concentrate from frozen food section and add water make it myself. It is more sweeter and taste fresher not like most of these juices we buy premade. I think I am addicted to freezer juices. Yum!

Well we have another birthday this month, DD2- DS was last month. Next month we have dd3 and dd4. Man could my kids be so close together. Lol. So aside of the Superbowl party we had, [Which I have to say, I DID NOT DO SO BAD after all.] now more birthdays coming up, I am really setting myself up for a test. LOL! I did fine at the superbowl party, I kicked back had only 4 mini white chocolate covered pretzels. I do mean 4 MINI mini pretzels. Lol. sTayed on my juice and water and ate a few raw veggies mostly stuck with cucumbers.

Here I bought all this food thinking, ITS HEALTHY, DUH! My thyroid gets attacked by some healthy foods. BLah! Raw Veggies being one! That is sooo not fun. None the less, I did fine. Yippeee!

Our wii has been unplugged DH needs to hook it back up so hope to have it up and going this weekend. I so need my wii fun. All in all, Not so good but really not so bad, I am straggling the line again this week. Not what I want so I really must detox and get motivated once again. I want off the line of good/bad and more on the Good side.

How about you?


Debra said...

Sounds like you did great with the superbowl party.

I have a couple birthdays coming up too... my daughter's is next week, mine is a couple weeks after that, my youngest son about 3 weeks after that, our anniversary a month after that, my oldest son a week after that...


This does make mid Feb through 5/1 a tough time for me every year. And it usually derails whatever "diet" goals I have had. Not this year.

homeschool101 said...

Darn these birthdays and yummy sweets. Lol. I am like you, Not this year. I am hoping to curb this caves. So far not so bad. Yay. Just got to get my energy going again. Have a great day. :)

~ Denise ~ said...

Birthdays are always so hard for me, too. I mean, I'm the one that gave birth, so don't I deserve a small slice of cake?! :)

Detoxing is never fun. I've done it enough to know that I need it occasionally, but hate every moment of it. Or at least the first several days. After that, it seems to go a lot smoother. It's just getting to that point that's the toughest!

It sounds like you're still progressing though, so no "blah" allowed! ;) Just keep pressing forward.

You can do it!! Woohooo! :D

Tracy said...

You only ate 3 chocolate mini pretzels???! Wow, that all by itself is amazing. Great job!

Sticking with juice, water and fresh veggies doesn't sound like a blah week; it sounds like a very good week.

Way to go!

Michelle said...

You're doing great! Keep it up! I had birthday cake both Sunday and last night--and then I ate a cupcake today. I haven't given up! ;)

homeschool101 said...

Thanks ladies. Lol, Tracey, I am rolling. Lol. Ya I suprised myself eating just three pretzels. I thought surely I would cave. Lol. Good week, But aiming for a better. ;)

Thanks again ladies. Keep up the great work. :)